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Mind Body Green

September 2018


July/August 2018

The Key To Keto

Bacon, cheese, butter—yup, high-fat foods are fair game on this buzzy diet. Intrigued?Read on for all the facts.

Women's Day

June 2018

Slow Down To Slim Down

Do you savor your food or eat at a rapid tempo? If speed is your style, know this: Taking time to enjoy your meal may help you lose weight, according to research in the journal BMJ Open. Study participants who switched to eating at a leisurely pace improved key health markers, such as lowering their BMIs and waist
circumferences. Follow these tips to bring your speed down a notch:


June 2018

The Best Healthy Packaged Keto Snacks You Can Buy

Sweet, salty, crunchy, or creamy—these snacks will satisfy any craving and keep you on track.


May 31 2018

10 Ingredients Meal Prep Pros Always Have in Their Kitchen

Keep your pantry and fridge stocked with these healthy staples.

Time Restricted Eating

January 24 2018

What Is Time-Restricted Eating, And Can It Help You Lose Weight?

If the idea of counting calories to lose weight sounds like the absolute worst, a buzzy concept called time-restricted eating (TRE) might be more up your alley.

New York Post

November 7 2017

The Latest Bizarre Health Craze: Eating ‘Fat Balls’

Five days a week, Christopher Petri forgoes a sandwich or salad for lunch and reaches instead for “fat balls” — golf-ball-size wads of butter, coconut oil, MCT oil and collagen oil that he whips up in his Long Island kitchen.


May 2017

Three Ways to Walk Off the Weight

Can waling actually get your slimmer? Believe it: A trio of pros share how to use this simple workout to transform your body.

Prevention Magazine

January 13 2017

10 Women With Tons Of Energy Reveal Exactly What They Eat All Day To Feel So Energized

These 10 women reveal what foods they reach for when they need to power through a long day.

Self Magazine

December 23 2016

21 Healthy Fast Food Meals Registered Dietitians Love

Healthy fast food doesn't have to be an oxymoron. No matter how much food-related planning you do—meal prep for the win—sometimes fast food is basically your only option, whether it's because you're stranded in an airport or have run out of healthy snacks on a road trip. The good news is that many fast food restaurants are upgrading their menus with healthier items, because it's all about giving customers what they want.


December 14 2016

How to Keep Food Porn from Wrecking Your Diet

Those beautiful baking videos don't need to derail your healthy-eating plans.

Metro New York City

October 8 2016

Healthy cooking for kids, made easy

A new cookbook provides life hacks for busy parents.

Health Magazine

October 2016

Fill Your Cart Like a Pro

Grab these foodie-approved grocery picks that will inspire you to eat healthy all week long.

Harper's Bazaar

June 2016

The Two-Week Body Makeover

The most efficient way to slim down fast: East clean. Here, a low-calorie (about 1,500 per day) yet strategically designed meal plan by New York nutritionist Stephanie Middleberg.

Harper's Bazaar

November 23, 2015

Eat More. Stay Slim.

Holiday survival guide for cocktail parties.


May 2016

How to Slim Down for Summer Without Going on a Diet

Toss strict bikini-diet tricks out the window—these healthy-eating commandments help you look and feel your best without having to think twice.


May 11 2016

5 Little Tricks to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

Expert advice to help you jet off on your next getaway without saying "bon voyage" to all of your healthy eating habits.

Self Magazine

December 2015

Which is worse....eating or drinking too much at a holiday party?

ABC Good Morning America

September 1, 2015

Is Breakfast the Best Meal to Kick Your Metabolism in Gear?

Stephanie appeared on GMA to talk about the importance of breakfast (and to make sure you get the 2 P’s!).

Shape Magazine

December 2015

Quickie Lunch Combo

Cosmopolitan Magazine

December 2015

Yes, You Can Eat Fat

Harper's Bazaar

April 17 2014

The 9-Day Plant Based Diet

Sure, green juices are good for you and your waist. But you can't live on them. Here, the plant-based eating plan to drop five pounds—pronto. Plus, get your nine day recipe plan.


January 30 2014

Is It Okay to Eat the Same Thing Every Day?

Do you prefer to eat the same thing every day or mix it up? I helped SELF's Nutrition Newbie Sara Angle explores the pros and cons of both, read here to see what she found.

Harper's Bazaar

April 29 2014

Healthy Summer Salad Swaps

Revamp your salad for summer. Just like your wardrobe, it's time to lighten up your salad, too. Try these nutrient-packed additions to freshen up your go-to lunchtime-staple.

Teen Vogue

May 12 2014

What's In Your Food

From chemicals to hormones, Stephanie takes a look at what you're actually eating.

ABC News

November 2, 2015

FDA Cracking Down on Food Manufacturers Requiring the Removal of Trans Fat

Nicole talks to ABC News about Trans Fat.

Real Simple

November 2, 2015

4 Nutritionist-Approved Tips for a Healthier Halloween

How to avoid tears, prevent overindulging, and make leftovers go poof!

New York Post

October 28, 2015

The healthiest Halloween candies

Children will get their fill of sugary candy this weekend, but what if you’re an adult who’s craving a sweet, too? Here, experts advise on the healthiest (relatively) candies to steal from your kid’s haul or grab at the bodega.

US Weekly

October 19, 2015

Olive Oil

3 Ways to Eat Healthy Olive Oil


October 5, 2015

Low-Calorie Cocktail Recipes

There's no doubt that ladies' nights are vital for keepin' us going. Sadly, though, a lot of the liquid calories we consume during them aren't and do nothing but wreak havoc on our waistlines.

CBS News

September 1, 2015

Soda Addiction

Stephanie talked to CBS News about the downsides of drinking soda—and how to kick the habit.

Well Rounded NY

August 13 2015

How to Shop for Prenatal Vitamins

Nicole advised WellRoundedNY on how to shop for prenatal vitamins.


August 1 2015

21 Important Facts About Vitamin B12 Deficiency

You can eat a ton of veggies and still not get enough vitamin B12. Here are the risks, symptoms, and ways to treat a deficiency.


July 16 2015

10 Ditch-the-Scale Ways to Tell If You're Losing Weight

If you’re trying to shed excess weight, the scale is NOT your best friend. Stephanie explained why to Shape.

New Beauty

July 16th 2015

4 Filling Foods For Weight Loss

Nicole talked to New Beauty about four filling, healthy foods that help with weight loss.


July 1st 2015

How to Stop Emotional Eating

You open the refrigerator door and start mindlessly noshing on last night’s leftovers. Then, like a well-rehearsed dance, you move on to the freezer for “a taste” of ice cream. Except it’s not just a taste. Ten minutes and 1,000 calories later, you’ve demolished the entire carton—and it’s not even because you’re famished. You’re just bored. Sound like a familiar scenario? Don’t be ashamed; we’ve all been there at one time or another. It’s when mindless munching becomes a habit that it can derail your weight loss efforts—and we’re here to help you avoid that. To help you stay on track toward your better body goal, we checked in with some of the nation’s top diet and weight loss experts to find out the best ways to avoid eating when you’re bored. Follow a few of the tips you feel would work best for you and you’ll be sure to reach your flat-belly goal in no time.

US News

July 1st 2015

A Nutrition Expert Walks Into a Barbecue...

U.S. News Health talked to Stephanie and other nutritionists about how to handle (and what to bring to) a summer BBQ.

CBS New York

June 30th 2015

Resistant Starch

CBS News: Resistant Starch

The Sweat Life

June 28, 2015

What’s the Deal with Milk, Anyway?

Milk is a tricky subject when it comes to health, and there is a lot of confusion surrounding all the various options. Is milk good for you? Is it better than the non-dairy options? Should I go skim, raw, full fat? What about Carrageenan? Do I need the calcium? The questions and concerns (rightfully so) are many. Below I break down the pros and cons of each type of milk

The Fashion Spot

June 15th 2015

Sesame: 8 Delicious Ways to Include This Superfood in Your Diet

Stephanie shared Middleberg Nutrition’s Tahini Smoothie recipe with The Fashion Spot.


June 10th 2015

8 Ways to Stay Hydrated Without Drinking Water

If you’re relying solely on eight glasses of water each day to stay hydrated, consider counting your fluid ounces in other ways. “Our daily fluid requirement is not exclusive to water,” explains Nicole Silber, R.D., C.N.D., of Middleberg Nutrition in New York City. “We can get in significant amounts of hydration from foods and other drinks.”


May 14th 2015

Post-Baby Body Workout Plan: Week 6

Well and Good

April 2015

The Superfood Guide

Women's Health

March 15th 2015

15 Ways to Get Rid of Cravings in 15 Minutes or Less

Women's Health

January 15 2015

Can Spa Treatments Actually Help You Lose Weight?

What you should know BEFORE you shell out the cash for a pricey treatment.

Fitness Magazine

In Defense of Eating a Big Breakfast

Men's Journal

March 2nd 2015

The 10 Foods You Should Keep in Your Fridge

See Nicole's picks for the top 10 foods you should keep in your fridge.

Sweat Life

May 25 2015

Why is Gut Health Important

Eat This!

Eat This, Not That: Diet Experts Share Their #1 Tip for Losing Weight on the Weekend

Daily Burn

February 24 2015

The Low-FODMAP Diet: Your Solution to a Healthier Gut?

Nicole explains the FODMAP diet to Daily Burn.


February 24 2015

This Snack Bar Trend Is the Next Big Thing

Be on the lookout for more savory bars. Stephanie weighs in on some of these bars.

Good Housekeeping

These Foods Could Help You Get a Better Night's Sleep

Yahoo Health

Ranked: The Best And Worst Cold Cuts For Your Health

Charcoal Juice

US Weekly

Superfoods to the Rescue


April 26 2013

Time It Right!

Stephanie offers advice on how to time your dinner for better sleep and digestion.

Marie Claire

December 17 2014


Marie Claire

December 19 2014

Forget a Facialist: All You Need for Flawless Skin Are These 8 Foods

Women's Health

December 4 2014

6 Signs You Need to Rethink Your Weight-Loss Plan

You've probably heard someone say that the definition of insanity is continuing to do something over and over, even though you're getting zero results. So it follows that the definition of weight-loss insanity is to stick to a diet or exercise plan that hasn't nudged the scale much or has left you with physical or psychological side effects. Come on, that's no way to go through each day. Losing weight is a pretty individual thing, and there is a plan out there that will do the trick for you. If any of these six signs sound familiar, it's time to jump ship and find it.


October 29, 2014

Which Is Healthier: Cheesecake or Chocolate Cake?

all you

November 30, 2014

8 Surprisingly Sugary Foods (and Smart Swaps!)

We were amazed to find that the foods on this list were actually full of sugar. We talked to nutritionist Stephanie Middleberg, RD and founder of Middleberg Nutrition to find tasty alternatives to help you eat smarter.

Well + Good

November 16, 2014

Are Brazil Nuts the Next Almonds?


November 6 2014

Charcoal, the Humble Ingredient Taking the World by Storm


December 1 2014

17 Ways to Skinny Up Your Fridge

Spring cleaning can help you drop the pounds and keep them off.

Women's Health

November 6, 2014

The Weight Loss Strategy You’ve Never Thought Of—But Might Want to Try


The Top 5 Cooking Oils and How to Use Them


October 14 2014

How Clean Should Your Diet Really Be?

When it comes to dietary strategies these days, what’s out is what’s in. Jettisoning full food groups or nutritional elements (wheat, dairy, sugar, animal products) in an effort to eat clean has become the cool way to cut through the clutter. But is it the right move for pregnant women or those looking to conceive?


August 17 2014

11 Foods That May Be The Fountain Of Youth

Stay young sans needles! Stephanie talked to Buzzfeed about "fountain of youth" foods.

Daily Burn

August 15 2014

Is Maple Water Worth the Hype?

Stephanie talked to the Daily Burn about whether trendy bottled waters are worth the money.


July 30 2014

7 Foods for Prettier Skin

Keep your complexion clear! Stephanie talked to Fitness about which foods to eat for healthy skin.

Women's Health

May 16 2014

The 7 Best Weight-Loss Tips to Start Dropping Pounds Today

7 Ways to Take That First Slenderizing Step


January 23 2014

7 Surprisingly Healthy Foods To Indulge In, Guilt-Free

Brooklyn Magazine

January 2 2014

The Good Life: What It Means to Live and Eat Well in 2014

I was honored to be featured by former classmate Kristin Iversen in her Brooklyn Mag piece. I loved helping her discover what it means and feels to be healthy "for you"!

Racked New York

November 20, 2013

Pretty From The Inside: How a Nutritionist Eats, Sweats, Beautifies

I documented a week of workouts, food and beauty routines for Racked NY. For more on Kale Club, quinoa vodka and mother-daugher spa days, read here!

Seventeen Magazine

November 20, 2013

How Sweet of You

I served as the guest nutrition expert for this piece on fun, healthier takes on Thanksgiving desserts.

Women's Health

October 30, 2013

How Jessica Simpson Stays Sane While Losing Weight

Post natal weight loss can be frustrating - I weigh in on short-term goals and why taking a gradual approach is better on your system and sanity.

US Health

October 7, 2013

Expert Tips for Healthy Dining Out

Contrary to popular belief, dining out on healthy and tasty fare is possible! Myself and other nutrition experts from around the country weigh in with our most creative tips.