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From pediatric care and pre-diabetic interventions to on-the-go menu planning and inflammation issues, we’ve helped people enact major life changes, one healthy meal at a time. Our clients are supported, heard, and empowered by our services. But don’t take it from us, here’s what they have to say:

Scott Marcus

A&R Operations,
The Island Def Jam Music Group

“Whether it’s my food allergies, my busy work schedule or just being a picky eater… I’ve always had trouble eating and sustaining a healthy, balanced diet. My weight was constantly fluctuating and my appetite was never completely satisfied. I’ve never been severely overweight, but when my doctor told me that I could stand to lose a few pounds I took the recommendation of a co-worker and contacted Stephanie.

Since our first session, my perspective on diet and nutrition has never been the same. Stephanie has provided me with the tools to make good decisions about what I eat and when. Her understanding of nutrition and her ability to educate others in a way that makes sense is truly a gift. The guidance I’ve gotten from Stephanie has helped me to lose more than 20 pounds!

Even after I put a few back on over the holidays, Stephanie helped to get me back on track without judgment or criticism… only guidance and understanding. She has forever changed my perspective on dieting with an education that I’ll keep for a long time!”

Eve Bayer

Creative Strategist

After just one session with Stephanie I underwent a dramatic transformation that not only affected how I feel about food and my body, but changed my decision making process around food. She created a livable solution that I can stick with where I don't feel deprived or overwhelmed (yes you can still go to restaurants all the time!) I just feel better about what I eat.

Jon Singer

CFO – Decca Label Group

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. You have really made a difference in my life – something that should be very difficult you somehow made easy (or not that difficult..). You are amazing at what you do and will refer you to anyone that comes my way.

Barry Massarsky

Music Industry Economist

Stephanie guides you in such subtle ways, you forget you are changing your life in the process. Stephanie is the consummate coach--encouraging, full of interpersonal warmth and knows her craft. She changed me in ways I never thought I could achieve. She is my favorite recommendation!

Joe Borrino

CFO, The Island Def Jam Music Group

Stephanie put together an easy to follow menu of options, including foods I was already eating. She helped me change my life and I am now a much healthier person. I lost (& have kept off!)37 pounds! I have referred many friends & family members to Stephanie, and they have all experienced fantastic results. I would recommend Middleberg Nutrition to anyone looking to lose weight and/or live a healthier lifestyle without feeling deprived of food!

Christina C


I was tired of feeling sluggish, having a headache by dinner time, waking up with a stomach ache, feeling bloated and feeling like I couldn’t lost those last few pounds even though I couldn’t cut anything else from my daily consumption. I was out one night with my friend and he was raving about how he had started seeing a nutritionist and he lost weight, felt better and looked great. I figured I had nothing to lose.

The first day I met Stephanie, she made me feel very comfortable and very nicely gave me a confidence and support to be honest with what I was eating…or not eating. Within a few weeks, I was eating breakfast and snacks and not only did my headaches go away and my stomach felt better, but I was losing weight, too. Stephanie was able to decipher foods that aggravated my body and made me feel worse. Stephanie was always a kind sounding board that understood when I was not on track, was my own personal cheering section and was also able to encourage me. She was also always available by email with questions and suggestions on how to dine out and handle business dinners.

With Stephanie, I not only look better, but also more importantly feel better. Now, my friends ask me about “Stephanie’s suggestions” for dining out. Stephanie taught me the tools to eat and feel better for life.

Megan N

Hedge Fund Marketing Director

I was first referred to Stephanie in 2008 by the team at Physique 57, where I had been attending classes for some time. I was feeling strong and seeing some results, but my wedding was coming up, and I was looking to lose about 10 pounds in a healthy, sustainable way. Meeting Stephanie and learning about healthy weight loss and weight management has changed my life completely. Not only did I swiftly shed the 10 pounds I had wanted to before my wedding, but I have been able to maintain a healthy weight ever since. She has challenged me to think outside the box around daily meal planning and snacking, has constantly given me guidance about menu selections at my favorite restaurants, and has also become a trusted advisor around all of my nutritional concerns. I recently moved away from the New York area, and I still make appointments to see Stephanie when I am in town. I truly believe I could not find anyone more talented and well-suited for my nutritional guidance!

Ilana K

I met with Eliza after months of struggling to lose baby weight. Eliza was so warm, welcoming and enthusiastic and made practical doable suggestions that helped me to reach my nutrition goals. I left my intake appointment with a shopping list, a meal plan, and confidence instilled in me by Eliza to succeed. Eliza held my hand through the process and was always available with suggestions, guidance and amazing recipes. She helped me integrate my nutrition and health goals with my realities of being a working new mother. With her encouragement, I not only lost the weight that I wanted to but I also feel comfortable indulging occasionally without sabotaging my goals, and more importantly without the guilt. I would highly recommend Eliza and Middleberg Nutrition to anyone struggling with food issues. I am so thankful for my experience.

Wendy M

Sydney Greene at Middleberg Nutrition is all of the things you want in a nutritionist. She has led me through a huge transformation over the past 4 months: I'm 20 pounds lighter, and I have immeasurable gains in self esteem and knowledge about how to eat well. I've become so much more mindful of my eating habits, and I now effortlessly eat so much cleaner (I used to think I ate clean until I sat down with Sydney and saw how many easy but big changes I could make! It was amazing!). Most importantly for me, Sydney has helped me learn how to be more forgiving of myself on days when I get off track; I feel comfortable sharing what went wrong and why so she can not only help me quickly regain focus and stay positive, but I'm not stuck ruminating about my missteps alone in my head. Sydney does a wonderful job of listening to what I like to eat, my lifestyle and habits (both the good and bad), and she works WITH me to form plans that I always go into feeling confident about every day. Her tips and ideas for change are straightforward, reasonable, and easy to follow. Sydney has a calm, clear, steady, friendly, knowledgable voice that I've come to internalize as I go through my days.